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The assembly is mainly engaged in charging cabinet and ring network cabinet, in accordance with the contract requirements in installation and debugging, the specific process is welding - inside - vacuum pumping pressure - Exterior - wiring - debug - packaging. The attached sheet is transported to the buffer, the external welding stud in the welding station before admiral Zhaoban, strengthen internal reinforcement and internal welding accessories, Guiti after cleaning car into the interior, the first assembly bracket, cable terminal, fuse barrel installation, then assembled switch and circuit breaker, the gas chamber is rotated to the right installation position of movable fit and rear beam, connecting bus, bus, auxiliary grounding knife assembly by European institutions too, installation and debugging and running after the experiment to test the mechanical properties, after measuring the end resistance, clean box, backplane assembly and welding, installation of explosion-proof membrane and self sealing valve, gas tight test and restart. The weather in the exterior, component installation, in the beam, lower panel, grounding interlocking installation plate, a vertical clapboard and a ground floor row, installation, and cabinet stand side plate fastening and replacement reinforcement installation, installation of the top box, two top box, after the installation is complete then, the factory inspection, accessories, packaging and storage.