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Metal working space

Established in 1999, the working place is about 615 square meters, fixed assets of about 2 million yuan, workshop existing equipment: milling machine, grinding machine, drilling machine, ordinary lathe. 

Milling machine: milling machine is a wide use machine tool, on the milling machine can process plane ( horizontal plane, vertical plane ), groove ( keyway, t - shaped groove, dovetail groove, etc. ), tooth parts ( gear, spline shaft, sprocket, spiral surface ) and various surfaces. In addition, it can be used for the surface of the rotating body, inner hole processing and cutting work and so on. When the milling machine is in the work, the workpiece is installed on the table top internal heat index accessories, the milling cutter rotation is the main motion, supported by the feed motion of the workbench or milling head, and the work can obtain the processing surface. Because of the multi - knife intermittent cutting, the survival rate of milling machine is high. Simply put, the milling machine is the machine tool for milling the workpiece with the milling cutter. 

Grinding machine: the grinding machine is the machine tool that uses the mold to grind the workpiece surface. Most of the grinding machines are grinding with high-speed rotating grinding wheel, and the few are processing with other moulds and free abrasive such as oil stone, abrasive belt and other dies and free abrasive, such as honing machine, superfinishing machine tool, abrasive belt grinding machine, grinding machine and polishing machine. The grinding machine can process the high hardness materials, such as hardened steel, cemented carbide and so on. Can also process brittle materials such as glass and granite. Grinding machine can do high precision and surface roughness very small grinding, can also carry out high efficiency grinding, such as strong grinding. 

Ordinary lathe: ordinary lathe is horizontal lathe that can process many kinds of workpieces such as shaft, disk, ring and so on. the internal and external rotation surface, end face and various internal and external threads of the workpiece are generally processed. the corresponding tools and accessories are adopted, and drilling, reaming, tapping and knurling can also be carried out. Ordinary lathe is the most widely used lathe in lathe, accounting for 65 % of the total number of lathe, because its spindle in horizontal way, it is called horizontal lathe.