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Warmly celebrate the successful listing of dechun power!

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On April 11, 2017, Jiangsu dechun electric technology co., ltd was successfully listed on the Beijing stock exchange ( securities: dechun power securities code 871131 ), and also expressed the affirmation of the government and leaders to dechun electric power.

In this sunny, spring in April, my company leaders and menghe town leaders to participate in this listing ceremony.
The red scarf represents not only the Chinese red, but also the solemn and festivity of the dechun electric power at this moment, also represents the dechun power in the future development of more red fire.
Dechun electric power has been adhering to " honest people, convince the public, with the Tak industry" service concept and guiding ideology, leading each dechun people to work together, for the progress of the dechun electric power plays an indispensable role. Similarly, the wind and rain, these leaders are more than we hope that dechun electric power has greater innovation, we have a spirit of innovation, with unique marketing services, with leading market patent products, there is great love for the social responsibility.。

Dechun power of the board of the president of the ceremony to send a message, not only to thank the party and the leadership of the support, more mainly to drink water did not forget to dig well, to know that every enterprise is not imagined simple, the ancestors paid their own sweat and efforts to achieve today's dechun electric achievements, thanks.

With the countdown on the screen, the dechun power with the leaders of menghe town completed the bell ringing ceremony, the ringing of the bell, representing the dechun power has been successfully listed at the moment.

At the end of the ceremony, everyone has a happy smile on their faces, the leaders of the departments of the thumb and figure also made a perfect stop in Beijing. 
Believe that everybody's own heart will set a small target, will hope 2017 dechun electricity will do more audio.

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