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Exhibition information

Number of visits: Date:2017年5月10日 20:27

After the company officially bell the bell in Beijing on April 11, 2017, and the 17th China - wide exhibition center in Shanghai from may 4 - 6, 2017, the exhibition, which lasted three days, is busy, but the harvest is full, which means that dechun will follow the trend of the times.

Our booth was a special exhibition, so we arrived at the booth early on may 2, and urged the exhibition site to be arranged and placed, ready for the day of may 4, before the formal exhibition, on may 3, when the exhibition was finished, it was not safe to leave, but also looking forward to the day of the exhibition.
May 4, although the weather is not beautiful, but can not resist the enthusiasm of the exhibitors, to the audience of all booths is endless, our booth audience is also bustling. 

Top of the form
The exhibition products main 35 kv ring main and environmental protection cabinet, the environmental protection cabinet is the main focus of this exhibition, attracted many visitors and other exhibitors of the attention and understanding. Some foreign exhibitors are also based in our 35 kv network cabinet for understanding and discussion.

It seems that the information and samples of our company are more popular.

There are many visitors to the audience are also happy to communicate with us!

The scene is also the preparation of business cards, u disk and some candy to come to visitors to visitors, although outside the rain, but the warmth and friendliness of the dechun people make the rainy day become very chic. 
Finally, sincerely wish you all the best, welcome to Jiangsu dechun electric technology co., ltd, also welcome to contact us who want to cooperate.

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