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In 2014, the dechun electric adult junior college class formal class
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In 2014, the dechun electric adult junior college class formal class

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2018/09/28 11:40
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In 2014, the dechun electric adult college class officially opened on March 8! 

The adult college degree in this period is the first pilot type of dechun electric power company and Hohai university. Through the early counseling and adult college entrance examination, was formally accepted by Hohai university. The enterprise takes all the tuition fees of the students, and completes the course and credit of mechanical and electrical integration of Hohai university in 2 and a half years. through the form of the college class, we can deepen the school-enterprise cooperation of Hohai university, and make the integration of production, learning and research apply to the actual enterprise, further enhance the staff's professional knowledge and theoretical contact with practical ability. 

The company's requirements for the students are as follows:

I unity of thought, raise awareness, enhance the consciousness of learning

First of all, to carry out this education, is the objective requirements of building learning staff, and is the inevitable road of science and technology. According to the requirements of our product structure and the current situation of the professional knowledge of first-line staff, there are many new ideas to establish, many new knowledge to learn, many new capabilities to be cultivated. Through the participation in college education, can help us to further improve the theoretical level, improve knowledge structure, broaden the development ideas, train the ability to control the global work, better implement the goal of science and technology enterprises, to provide a strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the company's new development.

Second, the implementation of this education, is an important measure to strengthen the professional knowledge training of staff. Building a high-quality team of high education is an important part of quality of enterprise education. The organization of the college education class, widely carried out to improve the level of staff education level deepening education, help to further improve the overall quality of professional and technical personnel and knowledge level, further consolidate the healthy development of employees in the enterprise. 

Thirdly, to carry out this education is to meet the practical needs of the development of enterprises in the new period. Therefore, to adapt to the work of the enterprises in the new era, our students must have a " master" spirit, and have a strong ability to implement policies, enhance the ability of professional knowledge, efficient execution and work ability, these four capabilities should be you must have. The electrical and mechanical integration of the college degree program has created a good learning platform for us to refine these four kinds of abilities. 

Second, grasp characteristics, according to demand, improve the pertinence of teaching management

To carry out adult college education, we should grasp the characteristics of the employees, adhere to the principle of " practical, practical and effective ", according to the students in accordance with their aptitude, according to their needs, and really put the course of this issue into reality, run and run its own characteristics. Hohai university will strictly follow the teaching syllabus and teaching plan to organize the teaching, must guarantee the teaching hours, guarantee the quality, not because the learning object is the enterprise staff, the cultural foundation is lower, lowering the standard and lowering the requirements; We hope that the students attending the class meeting today will strictly follow the requirements of Hohai university and the company to complete their studies and receive their diplomas. 

Iii. correct the style of study and study hard to ensure the effectiveness of academic education

In order to run this adult college class, the company attaches great importance to the company, and the leaders of Hohai university and the company have devoted great efforts to it. the company also dedicates itself to paying for the study. we must treasure this precious learning opportunity, correct the learning attitude, do a model of diligent study, and be a model of thinking. 

Concentrate your energy and concentrate on your studies. This learning opportunity is not easy, the students should cherish the opportunity, correctly handle the relationship between learning and work, overcome difficulties, study hard, study hard. To learn something really, and to persevere at the same time. To know that knowledge learning is a long - term process. The junior college class should last two and a half years., the time is longer., people should have a heart to come., long - term adherence cannot be done by halves. 

Second, pay attention to the method to ensure the learning effect. First of all, to cultivate interest in learning. If learning to be a kind of pleasure, learning to become a kind of fun, will take the initiative to learn, the effect of learning is good; Without interest, learning becomes a burden, a pain, learning time and learning effect are difficult to guarantee. Therefore, the cultivation of learning interest is very important, it can make us lifelong benefit. Secondly, we should combine concentrated learning and decentralized self - learning. This adult college class, mainly to study by self - taught, supplemented by face to face, after class, in addition to timely digestion, understanding and absorption of the teaching content, but also consciously learn related courses, do good reading notes, carefully complete the homework, to ensure the learning effect. 

Third, to contact the actual, to learn to use. Adhering to the academic style of linking theory with practice is the source of our upgrading professional and technical ability. To think with the actual combination of his thoughts and work. Really turn the learned knowledge into a strong weapon of good work, transform to enhance the personal quality deep accumulation, contribute to the company development contribution force!