Quality Commitment

A. We guarantee that the goods provided are brand new, unused, manufactured with the latest design and suitable materials, and meet the quality, specifications and performance stipulated in the contract in all aspects.

B. We guarantee that all processes and material tests (including purchased parts) in the manufacturing process meet the requirements of the technical specifications. If the tendering party appoints the bidder to provide certain outsourcing parts based on operating experience, we will actively cooperate.

C. We guarantee that the ancillary and supporting equipment meet the requirements of the factory standards and industry standards specified in the technical specifications.

D. We guarantee that the equipment meets the technical and functional requirements stipulated in the contract after being correctly installed and debugged. Otherwise, compensation for direct economic losses.

E. We guarantee that within the quality guarantee period stipulated in the contract, we will be responsible for economic responsibility for any defects, failures and damages caused by the design, workmanship, manufacturing, debugging or material defects provided and all due to the seller’s responsibility.

F. The quality guarantee period is: 12 months after the contracted goods pass the inspection or 18 months from the date of the last batch of goods arriving at the destination, whichever comes first. If during the quality assurance period, the quality or specifications of the goods are found to be inconsistent with the provisions of the contract, or the goods are proved to be defective (including potential defects or the use of inappropriate materials, etc.), the buyer has the right to propose to us during the quality assurance period Claim.

G. We guarantee the performance of the equipment provided, the quality guarantee of the product, and the guarantee of the consumption index of the product.

H. We guarantee that the system and equipment provided comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China on industrial safety, hygiene, environmental protection, labor protection, etc.

After-sales service commitment

A. Free on-site measurement-If necessary, before the performance of the product contract, send technical personnel to the site for measurement, and cooperate with your technical personnel to carry out technical clarification and clarification of the product.

B. When the product is delivered, we will send technical personnel to the site to carry out tracking services, and assist you in the inventory and inspection of the goods, and provide product technical information according to your requirements.

C. Free installation guidance and personnel training-During the product installation period, experienced and capable technicians will be sent to the site to guide the installation and provide training for your engineering, technical and operating personnel.

D. Free commissioning-after the product is installed, dispatch personnel to conduct power-on commissioning.

E. Free on-site escort operation-at the initial stage of the product's power-on operation, personnel will be dispatched to carry out on-site escort operation.

F. Free maintenance during the warranty period-for quality problems that occur during the product warranty period, our company will send technicians to cooperate with you to investigate the cause and replace the damaged products and parts free of charge.

G. Our company provides timely technical guidance, technical cooperation, technical training and other full-process services related to contract equipment, including equipment supervision, inspection, debugging, acceptance, performance acceptance test, operation, and maintenance.

H. Our company is obliged to invite you to participate in our company's technical design when necessary, and explain the technical design to you. If there is a major issue that requires both parties to study and negotiate immediately, either party can suggest a meeting. Under normal circumstances, the other party should agree to participate.

I. Our company has a special service organization to provide after-sales service and maintenance to your company. After the equipment is installed, it enters the normal use stage. Our company will pay regular return visits for free. During the warranty period, it will be appointed and regularly inspected. If a quality problem is found during the warranty period, after receiving your letter or telegram, our company will respond within 10 minutes and propose a solution, and send people to the site within 24 hours as needed to implement the three-guarantee service. Outside the warranty period, only cost is charged.

J. Spare parts are provided free of charge during the warranty period. After the warranty period expires, long-term preferential supply of high-quality spare parts to the purchaser will be provided.

K. During the warranty period, due to the damage or potential defects of the supply equipment (or parts) caused by our company’s negligence, and the spare parts in your company’s inventory are used to exchange the damaged equipment or parts, our company is responsible for free The spare parts used shall be completed and shipped to the designated location of your company within half a month at the latest.

L. Our company will arrange 1 experienced after-sales service personnel (which can be increased if necessary to meet the needs of the project) who is responsible for the after-sales service of your project to ensure the correct installation of contract equipment and the smooth completion of the project.


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