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Selection for the finalists 2016 transformer industry ten marketing general manager point praise
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Selection for the finalists 2016 transformer industry ten marketing general manager point praise

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2018/03/13 08:42
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In the just-concluded 2016 component industry top ten marketing general manager selection activities, the number of points over 1 million, Zhengtai Electric General Manager Mr. Jin Zhong received a total of 11636 praise, among the first in the ranks of the first; China People's Electric Group sales General Manager Mr. Ye Haiwu received 9256 praise in the second place; Shanghai Zhongyi Electric Deputy General Manager Mr. Chen Bingyun to 8656 praise ranked third.
By the tiger network hosted by the 2016 China Transformer Industry, "Top Ten Marketing General Manager" selection of online voting activities was officially launched on April 20. The selection process and the results will be in Sohu, NetEase, Phoenix information, electrical headlines and today's headlines and other mainstream media platform from the promotion.
This is not only a personal, but also on behalf of the best corporate brand promotion opportunities!
In order to encourage the marketing innovation, in recognition of the industry elite, show corporate style, boost the power market solid development, in the "fair and just, open and transparent, declined to pay the finalists," the purpose of "domestic professional electrical product sales and service platform, electrical industry The first new three board listed Internet platform enterprise "electric tiger network is released 2016 transformer industry ten general manager of the selection of the latest battle situation!
Nanjing Daquan Transformer Co., Ltd. General Manager - Mr. Tang Jianrong is currently in the lead, Nanjing Daquan transformer company to thin insulation filled dry-type transformers, mining transformers as the backbone products, the highest voltage level 35KV, the largest single capacity of 20000KVA.
Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group General Manager - Mr. Xiang Yong and Jiangsu Guangtai Electric Co., Ltd. General Manager - Mr. Shen Maoxiong won the number of close, respectively, temporarily second and third.
Hangzhou Qianjiang Electric Group is a national key high-tech enterprises, for six consecutive years by the national transformer industry top ten enterprises; Group leading products are 500kV level and below power transformers, railway traction transformers, rectifier electric furnace transformers and so on.
Guangtong Electric's annual sales of nearly 800 million yuan, is the former State Machinery Industry Bureau, the State Power Company 110Kv oil-immersed power transformers, 35Kv class and below power transformers, 35Kv class high and low voltage complete sets of equipment and intelligent switch equipment sentinel production enterprises , Is the South China Power Grid company quality suppliers.
Henan Tianli Electric Chairman - Ma Qingfu, Jiangsu Yawei Transformer Co., Ltd. General Manager - Yang Dezhi, Ningbo Yongjia Transformer Co., Ltd. Marketing Director - Zhang Binghua and so received more than 5,000 praise.
The finalists are the mainstream of the domestic transformer company's marketing manager, the specific situation as shown below, perhaps your boss in which.