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2017 Dechun Power participated in the 12th Vietnam Exhibition
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2017 Dechun Power participated in the 12th Vietnam Exhibition

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2018/09/28 10:54
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2017 Vietnam International Electric Power Exhibition
VIETNAM INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIAL FAIR is a large-scale international exhibition hosted by the Vietnamese National Government, the Ministry of Industry of Vietnam, the Ministry of Trade of Vietnam and the People's Government of Hanoi. It is a well-known brand exhibition in Southeast Asia. 1. It was founded in 1991, once a year, and has a history of more than 20 years. It attracts more than 400 domestic and foreign companies to participate in the exhibition every year. Hundreds of Chinese companies participate. “Vietnam International Industrial Exhibition” is the scale of Vietnam and Southeast Asia. The largest and most influential industrial exhibition is an important window and economic and trade exchange and cooperation platform for Vietnam's industrial sector.
Vietnam International Power Technology and Equipment Exhibition is a national key trade promotion project in Vietnam. It has received support from the Ministry of National Industry, the Ministry of National Trade, the Ministry of National Environmental Resources, the Vietnam National Coal and Minerals Group, and the Vietnam Power Group. This exhibition is the only professional exhibition supported by the government in the Vietnamese power industry. It has been successfully held for 10 times and attracted many well-known enterprises from China, South Korea, Germany, Japan, the United States, Taiwan, ASEAN and other countries and regions. The 2017 exhibition will attract more business leaders and professional buyers to participate in the exhibition. It is the preferred brand exhibition for Chinese power industry enterprises to explore the Vietnamese market.