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Dechun Power participated in the 2017 Shanghai EP Exhibition
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Dechun Power participated in the 2017 Shanghai EP Exhibition

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2018/09/28 10:49
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2017 Shanghai International Power Electrician (11.20-11.22)
The EP exhibition with the theme of “Building Energy Internet” brings together more than 900 top electric power equipment companies from 20 countries and regions, from materials and equipment procurement to technological innovation and exchange, to domestic power companies and power grid companies. , power plants, power engineering companies, power materials companies, power design institutes, as well as industrial users of construction, rail transit, steel, ships, etc., provide a one-stop business platform for equipment procurement and solutions. The scale of the exhibition continues to grow. This year, for the first time, we will move to Shanghai New International Expo Center to cooperate with more than 30 concurrent conferences and events, as well as business matching salons and new technology/new product launches to create a rich and diverse journey for the electric power industry. . The professional exhibition area divided by this exhibition includes one-stop transmission and distribution, power automation, smart grid, energy conservation and environmental protection, and power engineering inspection and testing. The audience can find target equipment suppliers more in-depth and understand the cutting-edge technology of electric power and electrician. And equipment.
As an important indicator of the power industry, Shanghai International Electric Power and Electric Exhibition attracts representative international power equipment suppliers in the industry. In addition to the US Embassy Commercial Office, the German Pavilion, the Jiangsu Power Transmission and Distribution Corporation, and the Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Industry Association, a large number of independent exhibitors, local exhibitors and local power giants, including: National Grid, the South is unforgettable, New products and new hot spots brought by ABB, American Eaton, Changyuan Group, LS Power Generation, Jiangsu Senyuan, Beihai Bank, Pinggao, Nanrui, Xuji, AEG, Kangjin, Boao Security, and National Energy Key. It will shine in this exhibition.