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2018 Year of the Dog Wangwang!
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2018 Year of the Dog Wangwang!

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2018/09/28 10:36
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2018 Happy New Year
According to the joy of the heart, I was sent away in 2017, and ushered in 2017. I was greeted with 2018 years of infinite ambition and eagerness. Unconsciously, everyone accompanied Dechun Power. A few degrees of spring and autumn, the new year is coming, everyone hopes that they can have better development and opportunities. In the past 2017, everyone was mixed, and they got love, and their performance went up. It was all by themselves. I got it, New Year's Day is coming, I wish you all a happy New Year!
There are many folk legends and origins about New Year's Day. Everyone has a word, but for us Chinese, this is nothing more than a more mysterious color for New Year's Day. Compared to the Spring Festival, New Year's Day is a festive year. Festive, here to spread the little knowledge about New Year's Day. Legend has it that at the time of the ancient dynasty of more than 4,000 years ago, when the Emperor of Heaven was in office, he worked diligently and in the people to do a lot of good things for the people. He was loved by the general public, but he did not take it because he had no talent. The throne of the throne was passed on to his son, but to the embarrassment that both morality and morality can be combined. He said to him: "You must hand over the emperor in the future, and you can feel at ease after I die." Later, he passed the emperor to the shackles of the flood control, and he also loved the people like the monks. A lot of good things are very popular. Later, after the death of the Emperor, the day when the Emperor sacrificed the heavens and the earth and the emperor, as the beginning of the year, the first day of the first month was called "New Year's Day" or "Yuanzheng". This is the ancient New Year's Day. The dynasties of the dynasties held celebrations and celebrations on the New Year's Day, such as offering sacrifices to the ancestors of the gods, writing the door to the Spring Festival couplets, writing blessings and dancing dragon lamps, and the folks gradually formed sacrifices to the gods, ancestors, spring couplets, firecrackers, Years of observance, reunion dinners, and numerous " social fires " and other entertainment celebrations. The poet Xinlan of the Jin Dynasty once had the poem "Yuanzheng": "Yuanzheng Envoy Festival, Jiaqing 肇自兹. Salty Wannian, Xiaodatong Yuexi." Describe the New Year's Day celebration.
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Dechun Power wishes everyone 2018 dog year Wangwangwang, the dog year lucky!