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Product Name

VS1 Indoor vacuum circuit breaker

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VS1-12 indoor high voltage AC vacuum circuit breakers with rated voltages up to 12KV and 50HZ alternating current load for the opening and closing of various types, suitable for urban networks, rural, mining and railway power grid construction and transformation project, applies in the context of current frequent operation and short-circuit breaking operations has strict requirements for the occasion. This product uses the body and circuit breaker design, can be used as a fixed unit and taking the breaker unit.


Product features

VS1 vacuum breaker can be frequent in the context of current operations or breaking short circuit current times; mechanical life can be as high as 30,000, short-circuit current breaking times at full capacity up to 50 times. VS1 vacuum circuit breaker is suitable for reclosing operation and high operational reliability and service life. VS1 vacuum breaker (standard type) using vertical insulator defense climate impact in terms of maintenance and repair, usually only on operators or cleaning or lubrication. VS1 vacuum breaker (pole type) using solid insulation — integrated fixed poles, realization and maintenance-free. VS1 vacuum circuit breakers will be installed in the switch cabinet forms can either be fixed, can also be out of style, can also be installed on the frame.


Comply with standard

Circuit breakers meet the requirements of standards such as GB1984, DL/T403 and IEC60056.


Application filed

VS1-12 for industrial and mining enterprises, power plant and substation control and protection of electrical installations and suitable for frequent operation of sites.



B.Ambient temperature:-35℃-45℃,Maximum temperature≤25℃

C.Relative humidity: daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%

D.Average monthly relative humidity is not more than 90%

※ No violent vibration and impact, as well as fire, explosion, chemical corrosion dangerous places.


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