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Product Name

YBM-10/0.4 Prefabricated substation

Product Code:


YB series modular substations, is a high-voltage electrical equipment, transformers, low-voltage electrical equipment such as compact power distribution devices for high-rise buildings, urban and rural buildings, residences, factories, parks, shopping malls, airports, railways, oil field, and temporary construction sites, acceptance and distribution of electrical energy used in power distribution system.


Product features

YB series prefabricated box-type transformer substation composed of high-voltage switchgear, transformers, low voltage switch equipment and housing combination of four outdoor compact distribution station, 10/0.4KV for voltage three-phase AC systems as acceptance and distribution of electric power distribution products. The product has a compact structure, small size, small footprint, fast installation, easy maintenance and so on.

High voltage switch equipment of the company independent of the product produced XGN series switch cabinets, SDC series totally enclosed all-insulated inflatable switchgear transformer dry-or oil-immersed transformer low voltage switchgear production GGD series, GCS, GCK series low-voltage switch cabinet.

• Substation framework used by the surface treatment of steel manufacture, has enough mechanical strength and rigidity;

• Shell material is made of cold rolled steel sheet, stainless steel plate, aluminum alloy, composite color plates;

• Between each plate divided into separate small room, its internal shapes can be arranged for "eye" type, "" font and other forms;

• In order to facilitate monitoring and maintenance, transformer room, high and low pressure rooms are equipped with lighting installations;

• Top cover for the two-tier structure, can prevent heat radiation increases indoor temperature;

• Transformers with natural ventilation, when when the room temperature exceeds the set temperature of transformer, mounted on top of the axial-flow fan starts automatically control the temperature of the transformer room;

• Can turn the connection parts are provided with a sealing device, so that it has good moisture-proof ability;

• Protection of perfect performance, easy operation, high pressure side with a full range of five functions, ensuring the safety of maintenance;

• Compact structure, appearance, and harmony with the surrounding environment。


Comply with standard 

This product complies with standards: GB1094.1, GB3906, GB7251, GB/T17467, DL/T537, and other related standards.


Application field

YB series prefabricated box-type transformer substation applied AC 50HZ, 10/24kV electric power system, widely applicable to urban common distribution, high-rise buildings, residential, industrial and mining enterprises and temporary construction, national defense construction, oilfield and other places.


Ambient temperature:-25℃-40℃,Maximum temperature≤25℃

Relative humidity: daily average relative humidity is not more than 95%

Average monthly relative humidity is not more than 90%

Seismic capacity: ground level acceleration≤0.4m/S2

Vertical acceleration≤0.2m/S2

Pollution level: level III

※ No violent vibration and impact as well as the risk of fire, explosion, chemical corrosion site.


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