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Product Name

SDC15-12/24 All-insulation compact switch

Product Code:


SDC type SF6 insulated compact switching equipment is modular in design, with its perfect unification of fixed and flexible extension, for your end user or network requirements, meet various distribution switching stations, box-type substation, the needs of cable branch box, compact structure, safe and reliable, long service life, maintenance-free characteristics.


Product features

SDC series air tank air box with 3mm thick high quality stainless steel case. Stainless steel sheet metal cutting by laser forming, formed after the world's most advanced welding robot welding, ensure the sealed of air box. Filled with SF6 gas in the air box, and simultaneous vacuum leak; load switches, grounding switches, fuse box insulator switching activities, such as parts and busbars are sealed in stainless steel tanks, inflatable shell protection grade IP67.

• Not subject to environmental influence, anticoagulant dew, Frost, salt spray, dirt, corrosion, UV-resistant and chemical-resistant material;

• All the high-voltage live parts and switch elements are all sealed in SF6 gas-filled stainless steel cabinets, compact structure, small volume, light weight, full insulation;

• Modular design, different module combinations to achieve a variety of main wiring, circuit switching system is formed;

• Adopt Silicon rubber connector plug high voltage parts and cabinets of any extended; full screened cable outlet; can be equipped with a vacuum breaker Cabinet;

• May be completed with pressure monitoring components, integrated digital relay can be equipped with high voltage Metering cabinets can add the remote control and monitoring unit;

• Can add the overcurrent protective device; flood control capacity, long service life, maintenance-free, reduce operating costs; meet the requirement distribution automation upgrades.


Comply with standard

International standards:IEC60265,IEC60298,IEC60420,IEC60694,IEC60056,DIN47636

National standards:GB/T11022-1999、GB3906-2006、GB3804-2004、GB16926-2009、GB/T11023-1999、GB1984-2003、GB1985-2004、DL/T404-2007


Application field

SDC series pneumatic cabinets with a compact, fully enclosed, fully insulated, long service life, maintenance-free, small space, safe and reliable, the advantages of work environment does not affect, widely used in industrial and civil cable loop and power supply terminal. Especially suitable for small secondary power distribution stations, switching stations, factories, airports, railways, communities, high-rise buildings, highways, subways, tunnels, and other fields.


Ambient temperature:-35℃~+40℃

Relative humidity: daily average value ≤ 95%, monthly average value ≤ 90%

Seismic capacity: 8 degrees, horizontal ground acceleration 0.4g, vertical accelerations 0.2G

No violent vibration and impact, and there is danger of fire and explosion site


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